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Top 100 Direct Selling/ Network Marketing MLM Companies by Alexa and Google PageRank

When you start looking for a Network Marketing Company to join you have to look for the one that fits you the best. How to define it?

First of all you have to define your needs. You have to know what is most important to you.

Looking for a company to join is like a looking for a partner for a life, or a place to stay, rent or buy.
In any cases you always know what you are looking. When you are looking for a partner you define your relationships: long term or short term,
you define what you like and what you don’t.
The same with a company to join:

  • are you looking for a company with high return?
  • are looking for a way to help another people and be awarded for it?
  • are you looking for a company with a product that fits your needs?
  • are you looking for a company to make it online?
  • are you looking for a leader to join?

You have to associate yourself with people in the company you choose, with leader that you follow.

Start with the product or service that would benefit you the most in everyday life.

Choose a few companies that you like and check their Marketing Plan (also referred as a Compensation plan).

Few important factors can show you if you deal with a right company. First of all it has to have a good quality and really valuable product or exclusive services. Second, should be self-described as a Network Marketing, Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing. It should also be affordable to join. Some companies offer to join for free, others have a fee from $40 to $5,000 per year.

Many aspects should be taken for consideration to answer a question which company is the best.

One company can be free to join with a great product but slow structure of Compensation Plan; another can be expensive but have aggressive growing potential based on the compensation Plan structure. Sometimes you can find a company with exclusive service or great product and you want to join just to use it. Most Network Marketing companies have a great, exclusive products or services.

In reality you can only find the best company that “fits your needs”.

You can define the overall condition of the company by looking at company’s website. Alexa Global Traffic Rank of websites is the one of the factors that can be taken when forming an opinion about the Network Marketing Company. Other factors like Google Page Rank and Google Trend also important. Google Page Rank is included in this report.

Alexa Global Traffic Rank identifies the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. It shows the popularity of the website compare to other websites. The smaller the rank number the more popular website is.

How many years a company is in the business is also an important factor that can’t be overlooked. Always consider the age of the company, the older the better. But the younger company can have better potential in a future that means more profit and growth for you.

In the report below you can find 106 MLM Companies website sorted by Alexa Global Traffic Rank from the most popular to the less popular, updated as of 10-01-2012. I also added the Google PageRank next to each Alexa rank number.

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