How To Make a Blog Website: Easy Steps

So, you finally realized that you need a blog or website. That’s absolutely brilliant idea! Now everybody have their own blogs or websites, or both, sometimes even more than one.

If you have a small business you need at least a small website, middle size business need solid website with ability to sell the product or service.

Your presence on the Internet defines your existence.

If you have a business on the Internet then website is the best and most essential tool for your business, it is something you “must have”.

Now you have to figure out what type of blog you want to make.

Fits of all what is a blog and what is the difference in between blog and website?

Blog, also called weblog, almost as same as website, but has additional features like a journal or diary, where you can keep articles in chronological pattern. Blog also can be easily transformed to a regular website. In short I would say that website is static and blog is dynamic.

Blog can look like a regular website, but with a blog you have privilege to add articles that will be chronologically listed, update events, post audio and video. And the most importantly it will rank much better than regular website. Why its rank better? Because it has the ability to be regularly updated. If you don’t use that ability and do nothing of course it will not bring expected results.

Below you can see all required steps for creating a blog.

·        Choosing The Blog Type And Platform For It
·         Choosing Your Own Domain Name
·         Getting Your Hosting
·         Using And Installing The WordPress Platform
·         Choosing a WordPress Theme
·         Installing WordPress Plugins

Choosing The Blog Type And Platform For Your Blog

There are two types of blogs:

1.  Externally hosted blogs – when your blog is hosted by someone else. For externally hosted blogs there are few main platforms:
* should not be confused with

2.  Self-hosted blogs – when you have your own domain name and hosting account. Hosting is a place where you keep all your files. It will be our beloved (not to be confused with

Choosing Your Own Domain Name

Domain name is an address for your website:  or  .net, .org etc.

There are two most popular services that sell domain names: and I have accounts with both companies but prefer service called (affiliate link-thanks).

It will cost you about $10 per year. Make sure to get a coupon online to get it cheaper.

Getting Your Hosting

Hosting or web host is also referred as server where you store your entire website’s files, and where people from around the world can get access to them through your domain name.
What hosting to choose?
I personally use and know that many reputable Internet gurus are using and recommending it too. They usually have 3 plans. You have to choose the one with unlimited domain names ability usually the second option from 3. It will cost about $9.95 per month.

You can search for a coupon online or use these coupons: discount10off to get $9.94 OFF the package price, or promo25offpercent to get 25% OFF.

Using And Installing The WordPress Platform

Installing a WordPress is very easy, you ether installing it true the hosting account automatically or manually by using FTP downloader like Filezila. Filizilla is software that can be downloaded from the Internet for free. You can “Google it” and find it  yourself or get it here
More information and detailed instruction on WordPress installation you can find at

Choosing a WordPress Theme

After you got your WordPress on place you need to choose a Theme. Depend on your budget you can find plenty of free themes inside WordPress or buy them. I would recommend at first to get used to work on WordPress with the free theme and then start thinking about spending money on more advanced paid ones if you will.

As I researched the most popular Themes among Internet marketers are as follow:
*Affiliate Theme
*Genesis Framework
*Elegant themes
*Woo Themes

Installing WordPress Plugins

Next step is to install WordPress Plugins on your blog.
What is plugins? It is a piece of software that provides your blog with additional functionalities. With the new versions of WordPress you can find and install your plugins from inside the WordPress.

Most needed and recommended Plugins:

*SEO Title Tag or All in One SEO Pack
*Google Analyticator
*XML Sitemap Generator
*Backup Plugin

Also you will need to think about your custom banner. There are free websites that you can use for it. Simply Google “custom banner” to find those websites. One of them is If you are advance user you can make it yourself using software like Abobe Illustrator.

The above “do it yourself” blog will generally cost you from$70-$130 per year included your domain name and hosting.

Go head, do it, and start growing your business!

If what you see above does not look simple to you I can offer you to setup a blog for only $247. You will get your domain name connected to your hosting account and linked to the WordPress, my assistance in buying your domain and hosting. All necessary plugins will be also attached. It will take approximately 72 hours and you will be able to use it almost instantly.

Yana Jamagortian

Online Sales Funnel Explained

I didn’t know what sales funnel is until I got one and it is happened to be inside the marketing system I use. Before that I was participating in many sales funnels without even realizing it, by consuming products online that were sold to me by sales funnels.

So, what sales funnel is and why it is so important?

It is step-by-step process of capturing the attention of a potential customers and turning them into a buyers. It is the key to successful Internet business.

Sales Funnel Structure:

  • Capturing the potential customers’ (prospect) attention
  • Building relationships with your customers and gradually turn them to become your warm prospects by letting them to know you
  • Turning them into a buyer by demonstrating a product that can solve their problem
  • Filtering super-responsive customers who is purchasing everything offered

The Sales Funnel consist two critical components: Front End (the top of the funnel) and the Back End product. Front end is the most dynamic aspect of the funnel. It is all about generating leads by capturing attention and dragging people into your sales funnel. Back end is the most critical element for long term business growth.

To give you a better picture of what the Sales Funnel is I show you the diagram of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) funnel below. This diagram presents marketing strategies and sequence of steps used for effective implementation of MLSP system.

MLSP diagram picture below:

1st Step – Marketing

You have to use marketing strategies such as PPC Ads (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), Forum posts, Banners, Blogging.  Capture your traffic utilizing those strategies and direct it to your personal capture page.

2nd Step – Your personal capture page

Your Sales Funnel should be setup the way to capture the prospect’s information.  Capture page has opt-in form for your prospect to input their personal information. This information is automatically transferred to your email Autoresponder. When someone entered your sales funnel to become a prospect they literally agreed to receive some sort of communication from you. This is permission marketing when your prospects give you the permission to contact them with farther materials.

3rd Step – Your Email Atoresponder

There are different types of authoresponers. The most popular are AWeber and Getresponce. I personally use AWeber. It is one of the most important marketing tools. Using an autoresponder allows you to build your list of prospects and start building a relationship with them.

4th Step – Follow up and Build a Relationship

Build a relationship by GIVING. Give away your knowledge, you experience, guide them. You can do that by emails, phones. Keep your prospect interested and updated with new information. Use FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube videos, send them to your blog. Befriend them!

5th Step – Your Primary Business

Once you established good relationship with your prospects you can introduce then to your primary business. As it was said many times before “People join people”.

They join you because of your personal properties: they like you, they trust you, because you bring value by giving them what they need – information.

There is always a chance that prospect will not join your primary business.   Reasons can vary: they are not ready yet; they devoted to another MLM company and want to stick with it. No matter what, you have to keep in touch with your prospects through emails.   They can join you in time. And even if they don’t join your primary opportunity you still can be profiting when they join your affiliate programs.

From the above MLSP diagram you can see that all first 4 steps are considered to be Front end of the funnel and your primary business opportunity (another words you MLM) will be the Back end. This is where the real profit is!

So, if you don’t have a Sales Funnel on place yet don’t wait and get one!

Yana Jamagortian