Online Sales Funnel Explained

I didn’t know what sales funnel is until I got one and it is happened to be inside the marketing system I use. Before that I was participating in many sales funnels without even realizing it, by consuming products online that were sold to me by sales funnels.

So, what sales funnel is and why it is so important?

It is step-by-step process of capturing the attention of a potential customers and turning them into a buyers. It is the key to successful Internet business.

Sales Funnel Structure:

  • Capturing the potential customers’ (prospect) attention
  • Building relationships with your customers and gradually turn them to become your warm prospects by letting them to know you
  • Turning them into a buyer by demonstrating a product that can solve their problem
  • Filtering super-responsive customers who is purchasing everything offered

The Sales Funnel consist two critical components: Front End (the top of the funnel) and the Back End product. Front end is the most dynamic aspect of the funnel. It is all about generating leads by capturing attention and dragging people into your sales funnel. Back end is the most critical element for long term business growth.

To give you a better picture of what the Sales Funnel is I show you the diagram of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) funnel below. This diagram presents marketing strategies and sequence of steps used for effective implementation of MLSP system.

MLSP diagram picture below:

1st Step – Marketing

You have to use marketing strategies such as PPC Ads (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), Forum posts, Banners, Blogging.  Capture your traffic utilizing those strategies and direct it to your personal capture page.

2nd Step – Your personal capture page

Your Sales Funnel should be setup the way to capture the prospect’s information.  Capture page has opt-in form for your prospect to input their personal information. This information is automatically transferred to your email Autoresponder. When someone entered your sales funnel to become a prospect they literally agreed to receive some sort of communication from you. This is permission marketing when your prospects give you the permission to contact them with farther materials.

3rd Step – Your Email Atoresponder

There are different types of authoresponers. The most popular are AWeber and Getresponce. I personally use AWeber. It is one of the most important marketing tools. Using an autoresponder allows you to build your list of prospects and start building a relationship with them.

4th Step – Follow up and Build a Relationship

Build a relationship by GIVING. Give away your knowledge, you experience, guide them. You can do that by emails, phones. Keep your prospect interested and updated with new information. Use FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube videos, send them to your blog. Befriend them!

5th Step – Your Primary Business

Once you established good relationship with your prospects you can introduce then to your primary business. As it was said many times before “People join people”.

They join you because of your personal properties: they like you, they trust you, because you bring value by giving them what they need – information.

There is always a chance that prospect will not join your primary business.   Reasons can vary: they are not ready yet; they devoted to another MLM company and want to stick with it. No matter what, you have to keep in touch with your prospects through emails.   They can join you in time. And even if they don’t join your primary opportunity you still can be profiting when they join your affiliate programs.

From the above MLSP diagram you can see that all first 4 steps are considered to be Front end of the funnel and your primary business opportunity (another words you MLM) will be the Back end. This is where the real profit is!

So, if you don’t have a Sales Funnel on place yet don’t wait and get one!

Yana Jamagortian